QUALITY PRODUCT that are constructed according to the formula that was used by the HOPI INDIANS. The use of ear candles can make a significant improvement in your well- being, and were often made and used by the ancient HOPI INDIANS. It is also well known that our European ancestors used a similar type of ear candle as a therapeutic home-remedy.

BMI Rechner


With a hard wax strengthened ear attachment
and a built-in safety filter


Certified medical products according
to EC guidelines 93/42 (EEC).

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Our Hopi Ear candles consist of a pure cotton wick, that is coated with a co-ordinated wax containing ethereal oils, and rolled to make the hollow ear candle. The ear attachement portion of the ear candle is made of a specially hardened wax that has a melting point of 90°C.


During the treatment one feels a pleasant warmth, and the soft crackling noise of the combustion is very relaxing.  Of course one should always see a medical doctor for any lingering symptoms. The ear candles lead the warmth directly into the auditory canal, which can have a calming effect .


General Indications For Use

Usually both ears should be treated. Prepare 2 earcandles, a glass of water, a pair of scissors and some matches. It is advisable to have another person available to supervise the burning of the earcandles. Put a pillow on the table. Light one earcandle at the fringed end. Put your head flat on the pillow. Insert the earpiece end of the candle into your ear, and give the earcandle a light twist to assure a good seal in the ear. Let the candle burn down to 6 cm. Carefully remove the remaining part of the candle from your ear and extinguish it in the glass of water.


Safety features:

          - Our ear candles are equipped with a safety filter.
          - Reinforced hard wax ear. (Prevents the deformation of the ear candle in the application)
          - Drip Free - The quality of our ear candles will be reviewe


General Rules For Use

For children and people with small ear openings, the Berner Hopi Ear candles are available with a smaller diameter. A sheet of detailed instructions is included with each pair of Berner Hopi Ear candles


Contraindication For Use


The Berner Hopi Ear candles SHOULD NOT be used if there is a perforation (puncture hole) in the tympatic membrane (ear drum) or middle ear, or if any sort of plastic prosthetic device is present in the ear canal. In order to prevent any problems or damage resulting from the use of the ear candle we ask that you follow the enclosed instructions exactly.


Order information

Our HOPI EAR CANDLES are available in the following sizes:

For Adults: Diameter- approx. 10 mm, Length 200 mm

For Children: Diameter- approx. 8 mm, Length 200 mm

Our sales conditions

Till        24 pair  EUR  4,20 for the pair,  ( EUR 2,10   per pieces)
from    25 pair    EUR  4,05 for the pair,  ( EUR 2,03   per pieces)
from    50 pair    EUR  3,85 for the pair,  ( EUR 1,93   per pieces)
from  100 pair    EUR  3,63 for the pair,  ( EUR 1,82   per pieces)

Packing: 2 pieces into cellophane welded.

Our prices : are with your V.A.T. Registration Number, net without tax.
Without yours V.A.T. Registration Number , we have to addit the legal
value added tax of 20%.

Shipping: till 24 pairs + postage Austria, EUR 4,43. EU,- EUR 9,30, worldwide EUR 14,50, of 25 pairs we pay the postage.

Because the high quality Berner HOPI EAR CANDLES are individually hand-made, they are not identical, and there may be a slight variation in the size of the individual earcandle. This slight irregularity has no effect on the successful application of the earcandle.
We are happy to provide you with additional information, or supply your order for Hopi Ear candles. You can contact us via E-Mail, or by telephone or fax.

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